Monday, September 04, 2006

The world cup

In the World Cup there good things and bad things.
The good things were: good organization, good stadium, good security, good performance and joins people.
The bad things were: the referees becouse they were corrupt and localist. There was business between the referees and the teams.
There weren't good teams. Expep for Argentina, all the teams played badly.

Informal letter

Dear Florencia:
Hi! How are you? I'm writing to thank you for the ring you gave me, its beautiful.
The new house is beutiful and very very big. My room is light-blue, there are two windows, and there are a lot of you in the wall.
My house ia near the beach. Every day I go to the beach becouse the weather is excellent.
I met a boy , his name is Mike. He is my neighbour an we are very close friends. I miss you so much!
So, thanks again for the ring.
Keep in touch.
I hope to see you soon.


My weekend

Dear Katty: Hi! How are you? I'm in Mar del Plata sunbassing on the beach. I had a very nice weekend. Last saturday I met a boy in the beach, and we went dacing. The following day we went to the cinema and ate in a restaurant. Oh... almost I forgot it!... His name was Roberto, and he was 23. He was so cutty...I liked him! In two weeks I'm going to Buenos Aires, so I'm gonna visit ....?? Well, tell me what you did in your weekend... Please reply..... my letter! I love you! Misses Pris


Hello! My name is Priscila. I'm 15 years old. I go to the Matulaitis school.
I live white my brother, Bruno; my sister Bianca and my father and mather.
I've a dog Morena, two birds and lot of fish.
I've a boyfriend EDUARDO, I love her!!!! He and my are fanatics of Racing Club.

See you!!!